How Can You Tell a Good Medium from a Fraud?

| Health & Well-Being, Spirituality

Psychic-fraudRecently I had two delightful clients come to see me. They wanted to know how to know what makes a good clairvoyant/medium or psychic (I don’t call myself a psychic).

The first thing is when you leave the reading you should feel better than when you came in. If you leave feeling afraid or confused, you didn’t receive a communication from Spirit. Many people think they will hear something bad or will be told they are bad. Spirit will never tell you that you are a bad person. Instead, they may take what you feel bad about and turn it around to how you can use your weaknesses to become better. Spirit will also guide you on how to work with those feelings, actions and thoughts in a way that you can release them. It won’t be through guilt, but from learning how to love and respect OURSELVES.

It has also been brought to my attention that there is a “psychic” here in Gainesville who tells her clients they have evil spirits around them and for $650.00 she will “remove” them! Please don’t fall for that kind of “help!” A true spiritualist would NEVER charge you for that kind of “help.” They would teach you how to clear your energies by showing YOU how to connect with YOUR powers of protection. No one can remove anything from your energy; we have to do it OURSELVES. By filling a client with fear or that they have an illness or need balancing, and for hundreds of dollars “they” can heal you….RUN AWAY and DO NOT PAY!