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Bringing in the Hope of Spring

| Health & Well-Being, Spirituality

With Spring finally coming into view, it’s time to re-start our goals for the re-birthing that’s taking place in our lives. The conscientiousness of our world is growing at such a pace that many of us are wavering in life, when it should be the most important time to have our eyes on the ball. […] Read more…

Finding Our Path to God

| Spirituality

path to God, spirituality

To find “our” path to this loving Creator, we should first look at the symbolic world around us. To realize the most obvious is always the most overlooked. This is the most obvious thing on our Earth: that each and every one of us are different. Even twins will tell you that they are different […] Read more…

Free Will

| Angels, Free Will, Prayer, Spirit Guides, Spirituality

Spirituality and science have been at odds with each other since the beginning of time. Yet they actually compliment each other. Equal and yet opposite – one supports the other. We must *ask* in order to *receive*, and in asking, we create the flow to receive. Asking is the opposite of receiving which supports the […] Read more…

Trusting Spirit Guides

| Angels, Free Will, Spirit Guides, Spirituality

spirit guides, gail rhoads

My gifts as a clairvoyant have been a blessing that words cannot define. And those gifts were not given to me because I am any more special than anyone else. Everyone has the same gifts. Our Creator does not give more to one person and less to another. We all come with the same gifts. […] Read more…

Catastrophes, or Merely Growing Pains?

| Earth Changes, Spirituality

mother earth, earth changes

The Mother Earth is a living organism, made up of many ecosystems which support the planet. Her nature is to survive and thrive. The basic premise of an organic garden teaches us Mother Earth conforms, or transforms, her eco-life systems to rid herself from those that threaten her. Most of her techniques are extreme. She […] Read more…