Trusting Spirit Guides

| Angels, Free Will, Spirit Guides, Spirituality

spirit guides, gail rhoadsMy gifts as a clairvoyant have been a blessing that words cannot define. And those gifts were not given to me because I am any more special than anyone else. Everyone has the same gifts. Our Creator does not give more to one person and less to another. We all come with the same gifts.

In the readings I do, I encourage my clients to trust in their instincts and to develop the ability to hear their own guides/angels. These dear souls who work with us from the heavenly dimensions want to communicate to us, even more than we want to talk to them. But many of us feel we “can’t hear them,” or “we don’t have the abilities to hear them.”

When a parent who has lost a child comes to me, I’m able to help them not only to know their son or daughter is alright, but to help them to begin to hear their child by developing their own gifts. Most of my clients believe these gifts are some divine energy that they, themselves, can’t possibly possess. To be able to show and teach them how to use these gifts is the most rewarding part of my work. When a parent calls me and I am able to give them confirmation that it was their child speaking only to them, it gives them the encouragement to trust their inner thoughts.  It then reconnects them with their most precious child.

On one occasion a mother called me. She was a mother who could not believe she could possibly ‘hear’ her daughter in spirit. She asked me how her daughter was doing. I said to her, “She’s right here with her large shaggy dog and baggy blue jeans. The mother gasped, “I was just thinking about her and what she looks like in heaven! I can’t believe she ‘heard’ my question!”

Everyone hears their angels, but these souls are bound by the laws of our Creator. The most important law being the *total* respect of free will. When it comes to free will we want to put it in a little box, not realizing that the meaning of free will is very broad. We expect our angels to tell us what to do. They can’t tell us what to do because that interferes with our free will. Even our Creator will not tell us what to do. They can only suggest.

The angel’s/guide’s voice is not different from our own thinking voice. (If you are hearing a different sounding voice, it is your mind trying to trick you.) Their voice is the most gentle voice in our head. It is the little voice that says, “You did a good job” or “Take an umbrella.” And then our own thinking voice usually steps in and says, “No, I don’t have time to get an umbrella.” Or, “I forgot to do this or I didn’t do that.” The angels/guides cannot argue with us because, again, that is interfering with our free will. Of course, then as we are driving down the road in a torrential downpour we find ourselves saying, “I knew I should have brought the umbrella!”

Again, the angels/guides can only suggest, but if the “thinking mind” had wanted us to get the umbrella it would have beaten us up until we went and got the umbrella. When I am helping people to hear the angels/guides, I have them focus on their hindsight to try and remember how the thought sounded when they thought about the umbrella. I encourage them to get used to that gentle voice. The voice that never calls us names or puts us down in any way. And when we are trying to hear them, we are inundated with hindsight.

It doesn’t take very long to open up our spiritual ears. So pay attention to your hindsight and try to act on those little thoughts. In doing so the suggestions become louder, thus opening the door for more and more communication and teaching from these dear souls.