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What you have done for me has put my heart at ease and made this hard and trying time much easier to deal with. I’m so thankful to you for bringing my answers to the front… It was everything!! Since that day I left your office, my heart has become more and more at peace with this… I just THANK YOU!!” ~ Shanae Williams

Gail has always been able to help me with my difficult questions. Thanks Gail!” ~ Kathy Holmes

Gail Rhoads is amazing! First of all, she is EXTREMELY POSITIVE which is very important, and also very funny and fun to work with. I’ve been a regular customer of hers for over 25 years and she’s always been spot on with her answers to my many questions. She frequently helps me gain clarity with relationship issues. Sensitively and with remarkable insight, her vision of any given situation has an inborn understanding of people, places and of the universe. Her guidance has been most sensible and straightforward with effective and constructive strategies for
spiritual and mental growth.” ~ Michelle Priceman

Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with Gail. She has been lifting my spirit for two decades with her positive, healing energy and insight like no other. Quite simply, I can’t imagine life without Gail’s “tuneups.” Her ability to see beyond our apparent world will blow your mind and get you on track.” ~Kelly Bell, Annapolis, MD

My first reading with Gail changed my life. The idea that one could communicate with the spirits of loved ones who are no longer in this world was completely foreign to me. I was trained as a scientist, and I was extremely skeptical. However, messages came through from my father, my grandmother, and others that were so specific to them and to past events in my life, that they had to be authentic. Gail’s reading completely changed my attitude toward living and dying. Gail is also a highly skilled counselor, and I don’t know where my family would be without her. She has helped us immensely.” ~ Rob Goldberg, Haines, AK

When my most Beloved one left this world after an unexpected, brief and
fierce battle with cancer, Gail Rhoads’ insights about death and after
death were tremendously helpful to me. I honestly don’t know how I would
have made it through those first months without her. I can’t thank her
enough.” ~ Tracy Spring

I just wanted to say I have been to Gail several times and recommend you
visit her. She gave me amazing insights to my past and future with amazing
accuracy, and to me, she was right on. She has predicted things, told me things no
one could know. I truly enjoy each time I sit with her. I know you will
too.” ~Steve B.

I first went to Gail over 20 years ago. She is so confident that the information is accurate you can record the session. I have a drawer of taped sessions with her. I love to listen to the tapes later and gain even more valuable insight. I always leave feeling better than when I walked into the door. She answered all my questions that were going on in my head! Getting guidance Spiritually from our Angels is the best guidance anyone can receive. It’s like going to see an Angel for a counselor. It’s the TRUTH.” ~P.K.