United We Stand and Divided We Fall

| Family, Health & Well-Being

Here we go into the Holiday Season, and if we are lucky to have friends and family to share in this time of year, we are truly blessed. However, so many are somewhat lost in the techno world we have done the very thing we’ve been warned about for centuries. Said in many ways, but meaning the same thing…UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL. Patrick Henry said it. Aesop also said this. It’s also said in the Bible. “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid to waste.”

We have now become a WORLD divided. No one is taking the time to speak to, make eye contact or watch where we are going. Please give yourself the gift this holiday season to really connect rather than text your greetings. Put the phone down at dinner. Tell family stories. Take your pictures after dinner and drive your car with the phone off.

Thanksgiving is the holiday that takes our loved ones. I have more mothers who have lost a child over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend than any other. Let’s try to be UNITED in care for everyone; no longer dividing our attention from what we are doing. LIVES really depend on it. Have a safe season and be thankful we as a species are blessed with the ability to SPEAK to one another.