Bringing in the Hope of Spring

| Health & Well-Being, Spirituality

spring-airWith Spring finally coming into view, it’s time to re-start our goals for the re-birthing that’s taking place in our lives. The conscientiousness of our world is growing at such a pace that many of us are wavering in life, when it should be the most important time to have our eyes on the ball.

I’ve been seeing many clients in my office who feel lost, confused and alone. I’ve found that most of them have been so overwhelmed by feeling the responsibilities their lives hold. Most of these clients are healers and caretakers, but everybody is being affected by these shifting times. There’s been little to no time for reflection, inner growth or tranquility. It seems for many all hope is gone.

However, the exact opposite is happening. We are living in the flow of hope which is so strong. Because of the many prayers for hope, we are surrounded in a sea of “hope, but have forgotten how to access it into our own lives.The best thing about this is it’s easy to fix. To just connect with even ONE breath cures the void we’re all feeling. Just think if we can take TWO breaths.

In that ONE breath reflect on joy, happiness and the very best, and as we inhale, we fill every cell in our body with joy,happiness and the very best. When we exhale, release all the stress. Breathe in deep the beauty of Spring and exhale the stale air from our lungs. Have a joyful, happy and best Springtime ever.