Other Dimensions and Planets Supported by the String Theory and the Entanglement Theory

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communication with heaven, spirit guides, communicating with loved onesNow that the String theory is an acceptable possibility, it has opened the door for me to come forward in a more public way with these teachings.

These Beings have been working with me for over 50 years. I have kept a low profile for most of my life, and now with the feelings of urgency from these beloved souls, I can no longer stay in the private client world any longer. I must come into the 21st century. I’ll be sharing some the subjects of my lectures and workshop here online.

We all have the same gifts (they may manifest in different ways). I try to help my clients not only realize those gifts, but to learn how to turn them on in a way that they can fully benefit and grow from them.

Symbolically speaking, to describe where we go when we pass from this planet, they (the Beings that work with me) use mathematics. Don’t worry it’s a very simple form of math…

So if we write down a number, no matter how large of a number we write down, we can add another number and make it larger. This is to show that there is no end… infinity.

If we look at that number we see: a ones column, a tens column, a hundreds column, and a comma and than we have a one thousand column, a ten thousand column, a hundred thousand column and a comma… on into infinity.

Each section of our number has three digits: the ones, tens, hundreds… moving up our number to higher and higher numbers. Always divided by a comma.

Here’s where the symbolism comes in, again using our number we look at the one, ten, hundred columns, that is where our 3rd dimensional worlds exists. So those of us here on planet Earth only exists in the numbers from 1 to 999. The thousand column doesn’t really exist for us, because all our knowledge, all of our information comes from this very small portion of our number; we are very limited. Again, all that we know is only found in the ones, tens and hundred column.

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The comma represents a spiritual or Godly experience we pass through to go to a higher consciousness or symbolically using our number we go into the thousand column. We usually refer to this as heaven, Because the Godly or Spiritual experience for us is what we call DEATH, we don’t understand that when we “die”  we are simply moving into the thousands columns. When we pass on from Earth, we only leave our body, yet our soul and consciousness passes upward through our number. And to us here on Earth, the thousand column doesn’t exist, yet our loved one can’t exist in their consciousness (the thousand column and higher) without us holding the place value. They are very aware of us because of that, and the level of our planet has now grown into that 999, so the thousand column is so close that we are now able to sense these souls and connect with our loved ones with ease. So please don’t feel separated from our love ones who have passed…they are only a breath away.

Thanks to the String Theory and the acceptance that other dimensions are probable and that many dimensions in fact do exist beyond our third dimension, helps us to begin to understand our lives don’t ever end. We do move on, yet not away. We are not removed from our number, we are still a part of the whole.

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