Free Will

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balloons-joy-happiness-ask-receive-rhoads-gailSpirituality and science have been at odds with each other since the beginning of time. Yet they actually compliment each other. Equal and yet opposite – one supports the other.

We must *ask* in order to *receive*, and in asking, we create the flow to receive. Asking is the opposite of receiving which supports the scientific theory: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” No one from the higher dimension can interfere with our free will. WE must ask in order to receive.

To pray for others is a spiritual and compassionate connection to our fellow man, but if our prayers are not compatible with the prayers of that person, our Creator cannot grant our request. The phrase is, “Ask and YOU shall receive.” It is not, “Ask and your (family, friends, lovers) will receive.”

We have to ask for ourselves. This is a very difficult thing for many to do. We are taught from an early age that to ask for ourselves is selfish, and we should pray for others. Of course, we should pray for others, yet we can’t expect our desires, no matter how well intended they are, to override some else’s free will.

There is one prayer we can pray that will spill into the lives of other people. It begins by asking for ourselves, “God, I am now ready for all things in my life to come to me through joy and happiness.”  So when we are asking for joy and happiness for ourselves, and then we hear that our loved ones are doing well, it makes us happy and brings US joy, and creates a flow that opens the door for them to do better.

Semantics play a large part in our communication with spirit. Which is why we hear, “Be careful what you pray for…” For example, when we pray for strength, we will find ourselves dealing with lessons which require all our strength to get through it.

I once had a client who came to me in despair. She said she had been experiencing so many hardships and disappointments in her life. She was at a loss as to why things seemed to continually go from bad to worse. It was when she told me she always prays for strength to get through it that I realized she may have opened the door for these events through which she gained strength by simply surviving them. Spirit has to take our prayers literally; spirit cannot interpret what we are asking for. Spirit does not float by us and say, “No! This is what you want,” or “This is what you need.”

Many times the way we ask actually ties our angel’s hands. For example when we ask “What do you want me to do, God?” To answer that question is against our free will. No one can “tell” us what to do. Instead, the way to ask about our spiritual path may be, “God, please show me what I promised You.” When we ask God about our promise to Him, He can then remind us and open the door to “our” spiritual path.

As that door opens, remember we still have free will to do it or not to do it. It is still up to us to follow through or walk away. The choice is made by our own free will.