Embrace Your Sneezes and Do Away with Your Allergies

| Health & Well-Being, Spirituality


I want those of you who struggle with allergies to know that I understand the frustration of dealing with sneezing all day and night, but I’d like to help you begin to think about allergies in a new way.

Begin to embrace the body…

It’s the body that is reacting to the toxins in the environment. Now with the equal and opposite theory (as the real law of the universe), look at the body and mind as the opposite of each ether. Trying to fight your allergies with your mind really won’t work. Instead, try connecting with your body, as this is the only way it can work.

Our body is always talking to us in the same way the mind is always talking to us. There is a never-ending battle going on to gain the attention. The body with its aches and pains, bruises, blurred vision, chest pains, etc., is constantly communicating with us. The mind is telling us whether we are worthy or not, whether or not we are guilty, or it’s always someone else’s fault for our actions and in some cases blaming ourselves for the world’s problems.

Unfortunately the world has taught us to shut down listening to our bodies. Instead, we are given drugs to numb the body’s reaction to the environment. So we push away the body’s physical reaction, which is the only way the body can react. The body is the material force of our existence; the mind is the non-physical force of our existence.


To heal ourselves, we need to access the force needing the repair whether it’s body or mind. With allergies, it’s the body we need to activate. This is very easy to do. The next time you have to sneeze (hope you’re alone), just let the sneeze flow through your entire body. To do this, you just let your body totally relax. Allow the sneeze to roll over your body. As the energy from the sneeze ripples through your whole body, imagine the toxins, pollen and dust being pushed out of your system. As you do this, the allergies will leave your body.

We invite allergies to us when we spring arrives, with the thoughts of…”here comes the allergies.” This gives them permission to invade our body. If your Mind does let them in, at least allow the Body to push them out.